Thursday, 26 September 2013

A change in the air...

With my little baby due in just under 4 weeks time, the time has now come for me to start my maternity leave.  Fear not though, not too much will be changing, well not in terms of the business anyhow... For me... However... Life is about to get a whole lot more exciting!

I have welcomed my mum, Karen on board as a more permanent helper here at Handmade by Hayley, so she will be taking over the day to day dispatching of orders, so the shop will remain open for business and continue as normal whilst I take a bit of time of to spend with my new imminent arrival.
Karen normally looks after the dispatching of orders if I am away on holiday or work trips, so she is very familiar with how it all works, and probably makes a better job of it than I do!!!

(24 weeks, afternoon tea in the lake district)
I have been super busy the last few months preparing stock for our busy Christmas season, and fingers crossed, if I have done all my planning right, we should be well stocked up.  Work is now having to slow down as I am finding myself getting rather tired rather quickly, and moving about the studio is getting more slow and cumbersome with my bump.  I have been happily enjoying my days sewing lots of lovely necklaces, and making lots and lots of bracelets, with my little baby kicking away inside me, keeping me company.

(29 weeks, enjoying some sun in the South of France)
This is my husband and I's first baby and we are both so excited! We don't whether we are having a boy or a girl, I wanted it to be a surprise but I must admit I'm getting a bit impatient to know now.  Everyone keeps telling me it's a boy, even strangers in the street stop to tell me it's a boy... not long to wait now to find out!
 (31 weeks, Matthew and I at a friends wedding)

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